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  • 盆 径:13CM~15CM
  • 株 下:25CM~30CM
  • 花 期:8~10周
  • 生长期:12~15周
  • 其 他:可周年消费
  • 产物详情
  • 产物用处

巴克斯 公主 艾薇.亮粉

 飞舞  卡门白 赤色祝愿 

克洛伊粉  粉色风暴  白贵妃

巴拉蒙 粉热舞                        皇家白

橙水晶 黄水晶                          荣耀.黄 

 荣耀.粉 荣耀.黑                         红色邦邦

粉色精灵  粉色天使                           桑德尼 

卡纳沃  贝姬                         黄丽斯

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Beijing Sunny Agriculture Co., Ltd. is officially established in 1998. We are one of the first Chinese companies to import young plants from Europe, and we are one of the companies which are still actively on importing young plants.


Our main services include the introduction of business from overseas to China, promotion, after-sales service and variety protection.


In order to develop a long-term relationship with our growers, we support them both technically and commercially with the aim that they realize a profitable crop. The fact that the demand for our products keeps growing proves that we are on the right track.


During these past number of years, we successfully introduced many varieties to China. Our suppliers and growers are benefit from the growing business.


Flower business in China is in it’s infancy. In China there are approximately 1.4 billion inhabitants which is much greater than the population in Europe, U.S. and Japan combined. In the latter countries, the flower consumption is already quite high. Although only a small percentage of the population in China purchases plants regularly, the demand is increasing rapidly. The increasing demand relates to the love of Chinese for plants and flowers, and in addition, flowers are not expensive compared to other household expenses. For these reasons, steady growth in the long term can be expected.


Comparing to many other markets, China is eager to explore and purchase new items. Indeed, the market has changed a great deal, for example, young people in China are starting to purchase white flowers and Chrysanthemum which were used exclusively  for funeral ceremony in the past.


Variety protection has been enhanced. Moreover, good growers have little interests in self propagation. With increasing labor cost, self propagation will finally stop. One of our main tasks in Beijing Sunny is to select trusted growers, closely working with breeders, together we create a reliable business based on mutual interest.


Transporting young plants/cuttings from abroad to China and reaching the growers’ nursery is a complex process. In order to simplify this process, Beijing Sunny takes care of customs clearance, local transport etc for its growers. Our professional team is experienced in handling these complicated issues.


For Chinese growers, Beijing Sunny has been the bridge to the world flower business.

For our suppliers, Beijing Sunny is their reliable access to China.


Beijing Sunny is Worthy of Your Trust.